John Krovoza has been busy in Los Angeles as a studio cellist and remote recording cellist since 1990.

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Recent projects include:

String arrangements and music direction for the upcoming John Turturro film: "Going Places" (2017)

String Arranger: Raury- All We Need. (Columbia).


Section work: Beyonce (2016), Will-I-Am (2017), Frank Ocean (2016).


In 2006 John toured as a band member with Dixie Chicks.

That same year he appeared in the credits of Little Ms. Sunshine for his solo cello work in the film.


From 1994 to 1997 he toured extensively with Yanni, including two U.S. tours and tours across Asia, Europe and Australia. He played in the reknowned "Tribute" video, filmed at the Taj Mahal in India and the Forbidden City in China. He has also toured as principal cellist on both the Michael Crawford Tour (U.S.) and Percy Faith Tour (Japan). A 2001 feature on the single Overcome by the band "Live" has brought him appearances on The Tonight Show, MTV Europe and Much Music, Canada. In November 2003, John toured with progressive rock artist Neal Morse through U.K., Holland, and Germany.


On any given week, John Krovoza is on a recording project somewhere in L.A., or is busy at home recording cello tracks for clients. John has hundreds of album, film, and TV credits.


John has produced albums for CMH Records- including the hard-driving String Tributes of Lacuna Coil and Morissey. This work, including playing on more than 50 rock string albums, has contributed to a unique, punchy rock sound and has made him a specialist in the use of strings in pop music.

John Krovoza