Here's my approach:

I'll want to talk to you in person about what you need before we proceed, or at least get a little email going.

I'll need to see the tracks or notation in advance and determine if I can help you.

Call me at 626-795-5865.


I might be able to turn around a small project very fast. Otherwise- I'll likely give you a window of time that I'll be able to get to it.


Rate: $50/hour for playing and $50/ hour for engineering. $100/hr. total. One hour minimum. We can

set limits and check in at hour increments.


Pitch correction: I will ask that you use your own pitch correction software to use if you need to bring tracks into your intonation preferences.


If your project is chord charts and improvised- I'll require a Skype appointment during the session so that we can

go back and forth with ideas until you are happy.


Thanks and I hope I can help!

Remote recording of cello tracks


• Neumann U87 microphone.

• Rode stereo pair mics.

• Universal Audio LA 610 pre-amp.

• Apogee Ensemble interface.

• Logic Pro X.

* Strad-model cello for recording